Broder Family Homestead Park Construction

Progress on the Broder Family Homestead Park parking lot, at East Natoma Street and Bowen Drive, continues with an expected completion date of November 2018. Once parking lot construction is complete, construction on the 4.7-acre Broder Family Homestead Park will begin. Designed to be passive in nature, complementing the more active Hazel McFarland Park which it is adjacent to it, Broder Family Homestead Park will be the City of Folsom’s 47th park. The park will feature many unique amenities such as an orchard with fruit and nut trees, a re-creation of the Broder homestead structure and ranching games including horseshoes, hide-n-seek, red rover and others. Please note that the northerly entry and exit to Hazel McFarland Park is temporarily closed while the parking lot construction finishes, the southern entry and exit will remain open.