Notice From The Folsom Fire Department Regarding Use of Masks

Per the Sacramento County Public Health Officer it is advised to not use masks, such as the N95, due to wildfire smoke in the area as the health risks of the mask outweigh the benefits.

• Wearing a mask may encourage outdoor activity when staying indoors is the best way to minimize exposure to smoke.
• Even for the healthy, wearing a mask may lead to increased heart rate, respiratory rate, work of breathing, CO2 buildup in micro-ambient air.
• For those with respiratory or heart issues, masks can exacerbate symptoms.
• When a mask doesn’t fit properly there is no benefit.
• Dust masks are not effective against the particulate matter of smoke.
• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not generally recommend facemasks and respirators for use in home or community settings.

The Folsom Fire Department is recommending people stay indoors as much as possible and to keep doors and windows closed. This precautionary advisory is effective through November 16th due to smoke from the Camp Fire that is impacting our local air quality.

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