Lake Natoma Trail Gap Closure Project is Finished

The Lake Natoma Trail Gap Closure project in Folsom’s Historic District was completed at the end of December and is now open for use by cyclists and pedestrians. It includes the city’s first Class IV bike trail, also called a “separated bikeway,” which is a 12-foot-wide paved path that parallels Leidesdorff Street between Reading and Wool streets. The two-way path is separated from vehicle traffic by concrete curbs and is for the exclusive use of cyclists. A new 5-foot-wide sidewalk for pedestrians was also built along the same section of roadway.

This project filled the gap in the Lake Natoma Trail, providing cyclists and pedestrians with a continuous path around Lake Natoma with connections to the Johnny Cash Trail, Folsom Lake, and American River Parkway trails.
For more information or questions about this project, contact City of Folsom Trails Planner Brett Bollinger at .