Summer Stormwater Pollution Solutions

Everyday summer activities such as gardening, home improvements and washing cars can negatively affect local creeks and streams. Help keep our waterways clean by following these tips on dealing with common around-the-house pollutants this summer:

Fertilizers and Pesticides

  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly, and do not apply two days before a forecasted rainfall.
  • Cover piles of dirt and mulch to prevent pollutants from blowing into gutters and storm drains.
  • Sweep debris from sidewalks and patios.
  • Use non-toxic alternatives for pests.

Household Chemicals

  • Rinse paintbrushes in the sink, not in the gutter. Avoid using paint thinner for cleaning, and use disposable brushes instead.
  • Clean up outdoor spills with a broom, not a hose. Use absorbents such as cat litter or sawdust.
  • Buy non-toxic products whenever possible.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Regularly check your vehicles for leaks and repair them. Use cat litter to clean up auto leaks or spills.

Dispose of motor oil, antifreeze and other fluids at an auto center or gas station that recycles, or participate in the City of Folsom’s curbside motor oil pick-up program.