Lake Natoma Crossing Turns 20

The Lake Natoma Crossing first opened to the public in August 1999, providing an important connection across the American River and between the two sides of town, creating a more cohesive community within Folsom. The bridge significantly improves traffic impacts within Folsom, helping to relieve regional commute congestion on the Rainbow Bridge and in the Historic District. Located on Folsom-Auburn Road, the 2,265-foot-long Lake Natoma Crossing includes four lanes for vehicles and one reserved lane for future light rail or high-occupancy vehicles. The bridge is also well-used by cyclists and pedestrians, who enjoy beautiful views of the river from dedicated lanes separated from traffic on both sides of the bridge. Today, more than 35,000 motorists use the Lake Natoma Crossing daily. The bridge is known for its architectural design and soaring arches, and is one of Folsom’s most iconic bridges.

Photo: Samantha Davidson