Work Resumes on Green Valley Road Widening Project

Work on the Green Valley Road widening project resumes today following a three-month delay due to the original contractor’s inability to complete the project. A new contractor, Western Engineering Contractors, was awarded a contract by the Folsom City Council at the September 10 City Council meeting. The project includes four travel lanes, class 2 bike lanes, and a painted median/turn lane. The project will improve traffic flow, level of service at nearby traffic signals, and air quality by reducing commute times. Green Valley Road was originally constructed more than 60 years ago and is a regional arterial connection between the City of Folsom and El Dorado County. The road is used by approximately 25,000 motorists daily, and traffic can get very heavy during peak commute times. The project will be completed by summer 2020. For more information, call Senior Civil Engineer Brian Reed at 916-461-6707 or