Fall Irrigation Tips

Cooler weather and shorter days mean you can adjust your irrigation schedule to use less water. Keep dialing back your sprinkler run times and remember to turn off your sprinklers completely when rain is in the forecast.

If you’re not sure if your yard needs water, check the soil moisture level with a moisture meter. You can also check the soil with a six-inch screwdriver: if you can easily push it into the ground three inches beneath the soil, you don’t need to water.

You can also install a WaterSense-labeled sprinkler timer and let it run the sprinklers for you. Many of us are still using decades-old irrigation technology. Use the downtime this winter to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your sprinkler system.

Need help determining your fall/winter watering strategy? Contact Folsom’s Water Conservation Team at 916-461-6174, waterconservation@folsom.ca.us to schedule a water-wise house call.