Folsom Trails Update

The City of Folsom was recently awarded grant funding from the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) to develop a new Active Transportation Plan (ATP). Folsom’s Parks & Recreation and Public Works departments will work together on the city’s ATP that will guide the planning, development, and maintenance of existing and future pedestrian and bicycle networks. The ATP will also identify and prioritize improvements to the existing network of walkways, bikeways, and multi-use trails to make it easier, safer, and more convenient for residents to walk and bike in Folsom. Work on the ATP will begin in 2020 and will involve extensive public outreach with key stakeholder groups and community members.

New additions to Folsom’s trail system:

Lake Natoma Trail Gap Closure
This trail segment in Folsom’s Historic District parallels Leidesdorff Street between Reading and Riley streets. It was completed in late December 2018, providing cyclists with a connection from the Johnny Cash Trail and Historic Truss Bridge to the Lake Natoma and American River Parkway trails. This project created the city’s first cycle track, a two-way bicycle path that runs parallel to Leidesdorff Street. The majority of the 12-foot-wide paved cycle track is elevated and the remainder is bordered with curbing to separate and protect it from vehicle traffic. Since the cycle track is intended for the exclusive use of cyclists, a new sidewalk for pedestrians was also included in the project.

Blue Ravine Cycle Track
Folsom’s second cycle track was completed in August and parallels Blue Ravine Road between Manseau Drive and Arrowsmith Drive. It provides a connection between Elvie Perazzo Briggs Park and the surrounding neighborhoods to the Oak Parkway Trail. The two-way bicycle path is at street grade, and white plastic bollards visually mark and separate it from vehicle traffic. Bright green paint marks the cycle track at each intersection and helps to alert drivers to the possible presence of cyclists. The cycle track is intended only for bicycles; the existing adjacent sidewalk provides pedestrian access along the roadway.

Oak Parkway Trail Undercrossing
Folsom’s second bike/pedestrian undercrossing opened for public use in September. The undercrossing is installed directly under East Natoma Street and provides a seamless and safe route for trail users to transition between two of the city’s major trailways— the Oak Parkway and Johnny Cash trails.