Keep Pipes Free of Fats, Oils, and Grease

‘Tis the season for feasting and an increase in sewer backups and overflows caused by fats, oils, and grease (FOG). When FOG-containing items from holiday cooking—like fatty meat scraps, gravies, cream, butter, and oils—go down kitchen sink drains and garbage disposals, they build up inside your sewer pipes, constricting the flow of water. The result is clogged sewer pipes, leading to messy, costly sewer backups into your home! To help prevent backups, properly dispose of FOG with these four easy steps: 

  • Can It! Pour solidified fats and grease into a sturdy container and place it in your garbage. 
  • Scrape It! Before washing, scrape out fats, oils, and grease from pots and pans and into your garbage. 
  • Trash It! Put fatty and greasy food scraps in the garbage. 
  • Recycle It! Pour cooled cooking oil back into the original container and make an appointment to have it picked up through the City of Folsom Door-2-Door residential household hazardous waste program. 

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