Folsom Signs Contract to Ensure Reliable Water Supply

The City of Folsom and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation signed a contract on February 28 to improve the long-term reliability of the Central Valley Project water supplies for local communities. The City of Folsom will improve its water supply reliability by permanently receiving up to 7,000 acre-feet of water per year from Folsom Reservoir. This is in addition to 27,000 acre-feet of water supplies the City can receive under two other contracts with BOR.

Also signing repayment contracts were other American River Division Contractors including Placer County Water Agency, City of Roseville, Sacramento County Water Agency, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, San Juan Water District, and East Bay Municipal Utility District. These new contracts will provide a more reliable water supply to families, local communities, and farms within the Sacramento region.

Under the congressionally-approved Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act, water service contracts were authorized to convert to repayment contracts. Folsom will also achieve future cost savings by not having to incur environmental review and other expenses associated with future renewals previously required under the previous contract.