Important Notice Regarding Stray/Found Animals

The Sacramento SPCA (SSPCA), which provides animal shelter services for the City of Folsom and other jurisdictions in the Sacramento region, is currently closed to the public to help combat the spread of COVID-19. Accordingly, Folsom Animal Services can only accept found/stray animals that are in dire need of urgent medical care until further notice.

If you find a sick or injured dog or cat, call Folsom Animal Services at 916-461-6040. If an officer is unable to respond, you may take the animal for medical care directly to the SSPCA located at 6201 Florin Perkins Road in Sacramento, or to the Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center, located at 1100 Atlantic Street in Roseville. Please note that the City will not pay or reimburse for veterinarian expenses.

If you find a dog or cat that appears to be healthy, and you and your family are able and willing to provide temporary shelter for the animal, please shelter the animal with you and use the tips below to help reunite the pet with its owner. Please note that the City will not pay or reimburse for shelter expenses. It’s recommended that you leave healthy cats where you found them; most likely the cat is near its home and is just out for a stroll.

  • CHECK FOR A MICROCHIP: Take the animal to a local vet, shelter, or pet store to scan for a microchip (call the facility first, as many business hours have changed).
  • YARD SIGNS: Make a sign for your front yard if permitted (contact your homeowners association for regulations); keep it simple, with basic details like: FOUND DOG/CAT/RABBIT -- size, type (if known), color, sex, and a photograph.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Post the animal’s picture and details on local “lost and found pet” Facebook pages, Craigslist, Nextdoor, and other city or neighborhood social media groups.
  • FAX NOTIFICATION: visit and choose the free option to enter the animal’s photo and details. This information is immediately faxed to animal shelters, veterinary offices, and rescue groups. Many owners have been found this way.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD SIGNS: create flyers on (yes, they help cats too!). Post flyers on neighborhood boards and other permitted locations. The owner – or someone who recognizes the pet – may spot the sign.

The Sacramento SPCA has a limited supply of food and other necessities to help you care for your new animal houseguest. Call the SPCA at 916-504-2851.

Thank you for lending a hand to our animal friends during these unprecedented times.