Be Safe, Keep Social Distance While Grocery Shopping

While out grocery shopping keep yourself, other shoppers, and the store’s essential workers safe and healthy by following these tips:

  1. Only visit the grocery store when it’s essential. Be creative with what you already have at home before going to the store.
  2. Wash or disinfect your re-usable grocery bags after each use.
  3. Help reduce store crowding. Don’t bring extra people on your visit to the store if at all possible.
  4. Practice social distancing within the store. An average grocery cart is three feet long, so keep a distance of at least two grocery carts between you and others.
  5. Inspect produce with your eyes, not your hands. To avoid unnecessary handling of fruits and vegetables, use a produce bag to make your selection.
  6. Avoid unnecessary handling of all items in the store. Try not to pick up anything that you don’t intend to buy; let your eyes guide your choice.
  7. Don’t crowd the checkstand. Keep your distance from the person in front of you. As a reminder, some grocers have marked the floors in and around the checkout area to assist you in keeping a safe distance. Wait until the customer in front of you has finished collecting their groceries before unloading your groceries at the checkstand.
  8. Treat grocery employees with kindness. They are working hard to provide everyone with safe access to food and other essential supplies.
  9. Be aware of your store’s special hours or procedures. Many grocers are offering special shopping hours exclusively for seniors or other vulnerable populations. Visit for a list of Folsom grocery stores with senior shopping hours.
  10. Allow for extra time. Some stores are queuing customers outside their main entrance to reduce crowding within the store.