Trail Safety and Etiquette

Folsom’s 50+ miles of beautiful recreational trails are shared by cyclists and pedestrians; safety and courtesy make for a positive experience for all trail users. These are particularly busy times with more cyclists, walkers, runners, and other new users of the trails. Many are just becoming aware of trail etiquette practices and may not be entirely familiar with them yet. While signage and trail markings are found throughout the city’s trails, there are some heavily-used areas where congestion and perhaps confusion may take place. To help all trail users have a safe and pleasant experience, please follow these simple rules:
  • Whether you’re on bike or on foot, maintain a social distance at all times of six feet or more from other people.
  • Go solo or with members of your household – now is not the time to meet up with friends or groups of people.
  • Cyclists should keep to the right side of the trail, maintain a safe speed, and pass on the left side of oncoming pedestrians.
  • Walkers and runners should keep to the left side of the trail in order to face oncoming bicycle traffic.
  • Whether you are a cyclist, pedestrian, or runner – a gentle call-out or a soft bell ring from your bike will help communicate your location and set a good example of common courtesy on the trails.
  • Dogs should be leashed at all times and should stay on the left side of their human companion, and pet waste should be bagged and disposed of in a trash can.
  • All trail users should respect the environment and leave no trace.

Find more information and trail maps on the City of Folsom website.