Folsom Statement on Racially-Motivated Injustice and Violence

The City of Folsom condemns any racially-motivated injustice and violence.

Black lives matter. Period.

We thank our community for their engagement in four extraordinarily meaningful and peaceful demonstrations over this past week.

The City has heard the heartfelt expressions of sadness, horror, and frustration displayed locally and nationwide over the unnecessary death of George Floyd and all victims of immoral and unethical behavior based on racism.

We denounce racism and all forms of discrimination. We embrace diversity and inclusion and reject hate and discrimination in all forms. We are committed to making a positive difference, and we take a stand when our core value of treating every person with dignity and respect is compromised. We will never tolerate racism, discrimination, hatred, injustice, or violence of any form.

Our City is committed to ensuring that our organization and actions reflect a climate and culture that is based on respect, dignity, and inclusion.

We don’t have all of the answers. But we are listening and we are learning.

We recognize that words are not enough. Words must be backed by meaningful action. And we will engage in community conversations as to what those actions might look like.

Folsom does many things that we can and should be proud of. But now is the time to look at what more we can do. Because we can do better.

Thank you again, and more to come.