Make Sure Your New Pet is a Model Resident

Lots of new furry faces are popping up all over town as families bring home new pets this summer. City of Folsom Animal Services would like to share some tips to help your new pet become a model city resident.

Get your pet a pet license:
Licensing your pet is not only required by law; it also helps to ensure that your pet can be returned home to you quickly if they go missing. With the City’s new online system, licensing your pet is only a few clicks away and credit cards are accepted.

Always keep your dog on a leash: 
City codes require that your dog stay on a leash at all times when not in your home or on your property. This is for the safety of your dog and others. Off-leash dogs may be distracted and run away from your home or into traffic. Loose dogs may also try to interact with another dog or critter who might not be friendly. Help prevent accidental injuries or dog fights by keeping your dog on a leash while walking around your neighborhood or on trails.

Dogs have trail etiquette, too!
The City has rules to help keep the recreational trails safe and enjoyable for all users, whether they are on foot, bike, or accompanied by a K9 companion. When walking your dog along trails, dogs should be leashed and kept to the left side of their human (who should also be walking on the left side of the trail). Dog owners should pick up after their pets and discard the waste in a garbage can or at one of the dog waste bag stations.
For more information about rules and regulations for pets on the City of Folsom website.