Alcohol Ordinance

City of Folsom Alcohol Ordinance

Drinking alcohol or carrying open containers in public places is prohibited in the City of Folsom. A new ordinance, which took effect April 22, 2005, requires permits to consume alcohol in parks and other public places.

Who needs a permit and what is the cost?
Adults 21 years of age and older must obtain a permit to consume alcohol in public places. The fee is $10.

Where are permits issued for picnics or special events in Folsom’s parks?
The Parks & Recreation Department issues permits for groups renting park pavilions or group gatherings at parks. Adults may apply for permits seven days a week through various locations including the Folsom Community Center, the Folsom Senior Center, the Steve Miklos Aquatic Center, the Andy Morin Sports Complex, and the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. Call 916-461-6601 for times and days each site is open.

Is drinking allowed near children’s play areas?
No. The Folsom Municipal Code prohibits drinking in children’s play areas and play fields, including the Steve Miklos Aquatic Center, Cummings Family Park, and the Ernie Sheldon Youth Sports Complex.

Is alcohol consumption allowed at Lembi Park?
Yes. The Folsom Athletic Association has a license from the State of California for the sale of alcoholic beverages at Lembi Park. Alcohol consumption is only allowed through purchase at the concession stand.

Why are permits required?
The City received numerous complaints about people drinking in city parks and other public places. The intent is to enhance the enjoyment of city facilities for all residents and visitors. Most other cities have laws prohibiting or limiting alcohol use.

What is the penalty for violating the ordinance?
The first two offenses are infractions, punishable by a fine up to $100 for the first offense and $200 for the second. The third offense is a misdemeanor.