Open Space and Weed Abatement


Open Space & Weed Abatement Program

Dry vegetation can create fire hazards during hot summer months. The City of Folsom has more than 650 acres of city-owned open space, and of that, about 300 acres are weed abated. Vegetation management is completed during the declared fire season, typically from May to October.

The city requires defensible space of at least 30 feet from a structure or to the property line. The fire chief may increase this distance to 100 feet for high-hazard areas. These requirements apply to city-owned property and private property. Fire hazards removed from public areas and open space include seasonal and recurrent weeds, brush, and dry grasses.

The city utilizes multiple ways to accomplish weed abatement work, including city maintenance staff, contractors, and managed grazing. Sheep and goats are used in select areas in Folsom to control vegetation instead of manual, mechanical, or chemical methods. Protected trees and plants, such as young oak trees and elderberry shrubs, are fenced off from grazing animals, while invasive species such as Chinese tallows and Tree of Heaven are allowed to be grazed upon.

The City of Folsom Parks & Recreation Department manages open space areas in parks and within the city's Landscaping and Lighting Districts. The weed abatement schedule for the L&L districts is based on fire hazard ratings determined by the fire chief. Contact Municipal Landscape Services Manager Zach Perras at 916-461-6675 or by email for a weed abatement schedule and map.

The city makes it a priority to partner with the community to reduce the risk from a wildfire. If you notice an area in need of weed abatement, check the abatement schedule to see if the area is scheduled. If you’d like to report an unscheduled weed abatement need, use SeeClickFix Folsom or contact Lauren Ono, Deputy Fire Marshal at 916‑461‑6312.

For information about weed abatement on privately-owned properties, visit the Folsom Fire Department website.