Alarm Information

Because police resources are not effectively utilized when officers are responding to false alarms, the Folsom Police Department has designed an alarm ordinance to help reduce police response to false alarms allowing police officers to devote more of their time to other community needs.

Each year the Folsom Police Department responds to numerous false alarms. The vast majority of these are caused by user error.

The City of Folsom alarm ordinance requires that individual homeowners and businesses obtain an alarm permit before operating an alarm. 

Obtaining and Renewing an Alarm Permit

Apply for a new alarm permit here.

Effective July 1, 2019, the alarm permit fee for a new permit is $43. 

Alarm permits shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance. The annual alarm permit renewal fee is free for residents and $16 for businesses. 

Alarm permit renewal letters are sent annually from the Public Safety Corporation, our alarm administrator. Public Safety Corporation can be reached via emailweb site and phone at 855-905-0603. 

False Alarm Fees

A false alarm fee of $91.00 will be charged from either the second or the third false alarm at the same location within any calendar year from January through December, depending on whether the location has a current alarm permit with accurate information on file with the City of Folsom. There will be a false alarm charge of $108 for the fourth and $161 for fifth or more false alarm activations.

Responsible Requirements

The alarm user will provide the department with a list of two persons capable of responding and securing your premise. These persons should have a key and alarm access information.

Alarm System Requirements

Alarm systems must be designed to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Alarm sound must shut off within 15 minutes of activation.
  • Alarm must have a four hour battery power supply, to sustain alarm functions during a power outage, without sounding a false alarm.
  • Alarm must not emit a sound similar to an emergency vehicle siren.
  • No automatic telephone dialing device may telephone 911, nor police offices, with a prerecorded message.
  • Permitted users must instruct all persons having access to the alarm system in the operation of the device. The instruction must include information on activation and deactivation of the system, including pass code if needed for the alarm company.

The Police Department may suspend an alarm permit during which time the alarm system shall not be used. The Police Department is authorized to disable an alarm system that does not conform to alarm ordinance.

For more information about the Folsom Alarm Ordinance or about Alarm Permits, please call 855-905-0603.