Lost or Missing Pets

Shelter Services

The City of Folsom contracts with the Sacramento SPCA for animal shelter services. Visit their website for shelter hours and location, lost and found pets, and licensing information. If you have a lost or found pet, contact City of Folsom Animal Services at 916-461-6040 or ccatanio@folsom.ca.us. Animal Services will make every effort to reunite pets with owners before transporting the animals to the Sacramento SPCA.

Microchip Identification

The City of Folsom recommends having your dog or cat microchipped, even if they typically remain indoors. When your pet has a microchip, an animal shelter or veterinary clinic can obtain your contact information by scanning the chip and requesting the information from the manufacturer. The City of Folsom offers microchip service for $20. Contact the City of Folsom at 916-355-7230 for more information.