Public Works Projects

Pavement Resurfacing 

FY 19-20

The City of Folsom has contracted with VSS International, Inc. to resurface various residential roadways in the American River Canyon neighborhood. The type of resurfacing being utilized is a Cape Seal, which consists of two separate resurfacing layers performed about a week apart. The first application will be a rubberized chip seal, which is designed for reducing pavement crack reflection and waterproofing the pavement structure. The second application will be a micro-surface, which will smooth out the roadway and provide a black driving surface. Please be aware that during this project there will likely be loose rock on the roadway and adjacent areas, which is an expected part of this type of project. We ask that you please drive carefully and remain patient during this process.

Prior to the Cape Seal application, crews will be seen throughout the neighborhood performing crack treatment, localized asphalt repairs and tree trimming to provide adequate vertical clearance above the roadway for the construction vehicles.

At least a week prior to the beginning of both resurfacing treatments each residence will receive a door hanger with specific project information and a map of the project schedule. We ask that you please refer to this map to determine where to park your vehicle during construction on your street, and to aid in navigating through the neighborhood. “No-Parking” barricades will be placed along each street identifying the date(s) that work will occur.

The hours of work for this project are from 7am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. If any work is scheduled on your street the same day as your Solid Waste pickup, please place your containers at the curb as you normally would and the construction crews will move the containers to your driveway once picked up.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact the Public Works Department at 916-461-6713.

Click here for an overall map of the project area.


East Bidwell Street Widening and Sidewalk Project

The East Bidwell Street Widening and Sidewalk Project will widen the existing East Bidwell Street from two to three lanes and fill in sidewalk gaps on each side of the street between Woodsmoke Way and 300 feet east of Bluestone Circle. In addition, traffic signal fiber optic interconnect will be installed between Oak Avenue Parkway and Bluestone Circle, allowing those two traffic signals to be coordinated resulting in improved traffic flow through the corridor. Following the widening portion of the project a seal coat will be installed on the new asphalt.

The project will include minor repair and alterations of East Bidwell Street to provide a complete sidewalk and street connection, including curb, gutters and bike lane. The project is consistent with the City of Folsom General Plan, all applicable policies in the General Plan, the Circulation Element, as well as the applicable zoning designation and regulations.

The existing Oak Tree located adjacent to the Fieldstone Meadows subdivision will be protected in place by a permanent retaining wall.

The hours of work will be between 7am and 6pm, with any necessary lane closures between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm. There are no anticipated traffic impacts due to the reduced traffic volume associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact the Public Works Department at 916-461-6713.



Pavement and Concrete Repair FY 18-19

The rehabilitation and replacement of distressed concrete curb, gutters and sidewalks. The  project will replace approximately 2,000 linear feet of sidewalks at various locations around the city.  The goal of this project is to provide safe pedestrian paths of travel as well as neighborhood enhancements of old and distressed infrastructure.  The project is scheduled to begin on June 2, 2019. For more information about this project, contact Senior Civil Engineer Ryan Chance, 916-461-6713.


Iron Point Road Railroad Crossing Replacement Project

The project consisted of replacement of the existing railroad tracks across Iron Point Road with concrete track panels and new rails, replacement of the grated storm drain line drain and smoothing the profile of Iron Point Road to provide better ride quality for vehicles and bicyclists. The project was completed within the 10 day window allotted. For more information contact Senior Civil Engineer Ryan Chance at 916-461-6713.


US Highway 50/Empire Ranch Road Interchange Project

The Empire Ranch Road interchange is a future freeway interchange that will be located on US Highway 50 on the Sacramento County/El Dorado County line, between the existing East Bidwell Street interchange in Folsom and Latrobe Road interchange in El Dorado Hills. Click here for more information on the project. You can also contact Mark Rackovan at or call 916-461-6711.


Capital SouthEast Connector Project

The Capital SouthEast Connector is a planned, 34 mile-long expressway linking Folsom and El Dorado Hills to Elk Grove along existing White Rock Road and Grant Line Road.  When completed the Connector will be a four-lane, limited-access expressway and a parallel bicycle/pedestrian trail.  Click here for more information on the project and a link to the project website. You can also contact Mark Rackovan at or call 916-461-6711.


Greenback - Madison / Folsom Auburn Road Pavement Rehabilitation Project

This project began in August 2018 and was completed in October 2018. The project rehabilitated the following roadways:

•  Greenback Lane (Folsom-Auburn Road to Madison Avenue) 
•  Madison Avenue (Greenback Lane to Main Avenue)
•  Folsom-Auburn Road (Greenback Lane to Oak Avenue)

This project utilized Cold In-Place Recycling to rehabilitate the existing pavement. Other details of the project include a rubberized asphalt overlay, upgrades to pedestrian facilities with the installation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant ramps, lane adjustments to accommodate bike lanes through the Greenback/Folsom-Auburn intersection, permanent vehicle video and radar detection, enhanced wet-night visibility traffic striping and improvements to existing drainage facilities along Greenback Lane.


This project was funded in part by a Rubberized Pavement Grant from CalRecycle. A total of 14,674 waste tires were diverted from the waste stream by this project.

For more information about this project, please contact the Public Works Department Project Manager Ryan Chance, at or 916-461-6713.


ALERT2 Creek Monitoring and Flood Warning System Project

In December 2017, the city will begin upgrading and expanding its flood warning system from legacy ALERT technology to ALERT2.  A fully functioning ALERT2 system will provide real-time rainfall and stream level data to the City in support of early flood response as well as other stormwater and water quality projects.  By converting to the ALERT2 communication protocol, high quality data for these watersheds will be consistently made available to the National Weather Service, the California Data Exchange Center, Sacramento County and the community.  The upgrades will include rehabilitation and replacement of outdated equipment to existing rain gauge sites at Livermore Park and the Folsom Water Treatment Plant.  Stream level and rain gauge combo stations will be installed on Hinkle Creek at Cascade Falls Drive, the confluence of Willow and Humbug Creeks at Blue Ravine Drive, and Alder Creek at Prairie City Road.  In total there will be 5 rain gauges and 3 stream gauges.  Funding for this project was supplemented by a California Department of Water Resources Flood Emergency Response Project Grant.  Anyone interested in viewing the Sacramento County Rainfall and Stream Level dta may visit  For more information about this project, contact Ryan Chance, at 916-461-6713. 


Orangevale Bridge Closures for Major Rehabilitation Project

A one-year rehabilitation project on the Orangevale Bridge was completed June 2017, allowing crews to make significant improvements on the century-old bridge that connects Folsom to Orangevale.  The project extended the lifespan of the historic bridge for the next 100 years replacing columns, deck and the east abutment. For more information about the project, contact Brian Reed at  or call 916-461-6707.


Rainbow Bridge Maintenance Project

Rainbow Bridge is nearly 100-years-old, spans the American River at Greenback Lane, and provides a major connection for businesses and residents on both sides of the river. An upcoming preventative maintenance project will make needed repairs of the historic bridge and provide a smoother and safer drive for motorists.  For more information about the project, contact Brian Reed at or call 916-461-6707.



Folsom Lake CrossingFolsom Lake Crossing

City of Folsom is the non-federal sponsor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' project of a new 1,000-foot bridge over the American River just below the Folsom Dam. The four-lane, approximately two-mile-long project includes bicycle and pedestrian paths as well. Connector roads join the bridge with E. Natoma Street to the southeast and Folsom-Auburn Road to the northwest. The bridge opened for traffic on March 28, 2009.