Non-Residential Service Information

Universal Waste Recycling for Businesses and Non-Residential Entities - DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS HEALTH EMERGENCY, DROP-OFFS HAVE BEEN TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED.

The City of Folsom makes it easy to recycle Universal Waste from non-residential entities and businesses in the City of Folsom.

Universal Waste includes batteries, fluorescent lamps, and electronic wastes. 

Non-residential entities include non-profit organizations, schools, churches, clubs, other organizations.

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Please observe these simple program rules:

1) Only businesses that generate Universal Waste incidental to the maintenance of their business may participate in our program.  Businesses that generate hazardous waste, including universal waste, in the course of conducting business or as a part of their core business may not participate.

2) ONLY material generated from Folsom residences or businesses may be picked up or dropped off.  No material from outside the Folsom city limits will be accepted.

3) Only 40 pieces of each of the following items will be accepted: Fluorescent Tubes, CFL’s (compact fluorescent bulbs), Sodium Vapor Bulbs, Metal Halide Bulbs or other mercury containing lamps.

 4) No business that generates more than 220 pounds of any hazardous waste, including Universal Waste, in any one month, may participate in our program.

For more information about Universal Waste visit the California Department of Toxics Substances Control.

For information about how and where to dispose of other business hazardous waste visit the Sacramento County Department of Waste Management and Recycling.