Clean Boating

Named after the City of Folsom and created by the dam built in 1955 to control the American River and provide electricity to the Sacramento Region, Folsom Lake holds more than 1 million acre feet of water and has 11,450 acres of surface area when full.  Folsom Lake provides drinking water to over 70,000 residents of the City of Folsom and Folsom Prison.

Folsom Lake Marina at Brown's Ravine has almost 850 wet and dry slips for all types of watercraft sail boats and power boats alike.  On any given day hundreds of boats could be on Folsom Lake.

Control Your Bilge Oil

Many of those boats are powered by inboard engines and have the potential to leak oil and fuel into their hold or bilge.  The boats take on water and it mixes with the oil and fuel in the bilge.  This mixture can easily be discharged by the bilge pump into the lake.


Free Bilge Oil Clean Up Kits

 The Hazmat Division sponsors a program in conjunction with El Dorado County that assists boaters in reducing their motor oil discharges
into Folsom Lake.  Bilge Oil Clean Up Kits contain an oil absorbent pillow, a pad, bucket and bag for proper disposal and are available free of charge at Folsom Lake Marina while supplies last. 


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