Sharps Take Back

It is against the law in California to put home generated sharps in the trash

Sharps include lancets, hypodermic needles, syringes and scalpel blades. They are used by people with medical conditions such as insulin-dependent diabetes.

Sharps can be contaminated by hepatitis, HIV, tetanus and other diseases.

Sharps can injure family members and can be a hazard to the workers collecting and sorting waste and recyclables.


Put your sharps in an approved container and drop them off.

 FREE approved sharps containers are available at these participating take back locations:

 Rite Aid  526 East Bidwell St.  916-984-7749
 Safeway  1850 Prairie City Rd.  916-608-2455
 Innovative Compounding
 820 Wales Dr., Suite 3  916-984-9222
 Revolutions Naturopathic  230 Blue Ravine Road  916-351-9355
 Fire Station 35  535 Glenn Drive  916-461-6300
If your pharmacy is not listed, call first for its acceptance policy.


Fire stations accept sharps only when they are staffed...i.e., if they are out on an emergency sharps can not be dropped off. Call ahead!  It is illegal to leave abandoned sharps at fire stations.

Sharps Take Back is a partnership between participating locations and the City of Folsom Hazardous Materials Division. 

Please thank your pharmacy and Folsom Fire Department for hosting the service!

If your pharmacy would like to participate in this program or if your community group would like help promoting these services to your members (e.g., diabetes association or physicians group) give us a call at 461-6730.

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