Bulky Waste Pickup

The City of Folsom makes it easy to have your bulky waste collected!


Residential customers using the Smart Cart cans are allowed three appointments per calendar year for pick up of up to five cubic yards of bulky waste items per appointment. Please read terms of service below.

To schedule your appointment while our online appointment system is temporarily unavailable:
call 916-461-6730, or email your request for the next available pickup to Solidwaste@folsom.ca.us with the following information:

• Name:
• Address:
• Phone Number:
• Email Address: 
• List of Items:

* Please indicate "Bulky Waste Pickup" in the subject line.


Terms of Service

ATTENTION:  Piles placed out earlier than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment are subject to code violation.


Acceptable Materials Unacceptable Materials
Yard waste Auto parts or fluid
Lumber/wood Liquids
Furniture/mattresses   Concrete, bricks, rocks, or tile
 Metals/appliances Dirt, sand, or sod
Lawn mowers (remove gas and oil) Tree Stumps
BBQs (no propane tanks)  Cement-filled tires
 Tires (Up to 5) Combustibles/flammables
  Commercial or household garbage
   Heavy metal items (e.g., engine block)
  Steel Pipe
  Items longer than 6' (e.g., lumber, PVC pipe, etc) 
  Household Hazardous Waste *(Oils, cleaners, fuels, pharmaceuticals, fetilizers, pestisides, batteries, chemicals, paint, etc.)
  E-Waste (TV, computer, monitor, printer, microwave, solar panels, etc.)

* Schedule a free household hazardous waste pickup online or call 461-6730.

Maximum Amount Allowed: 5 Cubic Yards
This is a pile 7' x 6' x 3'
If you have more than five cubic yards of material, you can rent a bin from the City.  Call 916-461-6730.

• The account must be current in order to receive Neighborhood Cleanup Service.
• Materials must be out by 6:00 a.m. on the day of your appointment.
• Items must be placed at the curb, on the edge of the street for pickup. Items placed on your property will not be picked up. 
• No alley way pickups.
• Branches/lumber must be six feet or less in length and no larger than 6" in diameter.
• Please separate metals and appliances from other materials. These items are collected by a separate vehicle for recycling. All items may not be picked up at the same time.
• If you no longer need your appointment, you must cancel to avoid it counting as one of your three pickups for the year. If you booked online, you can cancel using the link on your confirmation email. Phone cancellations are accepted until one day prior to your scheduled service date.
• Cardboard picked up with this service is not recycled.  If you have cardboard, please recycle it at one of the community recycling locations.




Household Hazardous Waste* (Oils, cleaners, fuels, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, pesticides, batteries, chemicals, paint, etc.