Commercial Vehicle Routes

Map of the truck route system

Any commercial vehicle or combination of vehicles as defined in Section 260 of the California Vehicle Code having a gross vehicle weight rating (GVW) of weighing 10,001 pounds or more, with an origin or destination point within the city, of freight, merchandise or load, must drive on streets designated as local truck routes. These vehicles may leave to local truck route only to pick up or deliver freight, merchandise, or load, within the City of Folsom, and must do so from the local truck route point that is closest to the destination site. These vehicles must return to and use the local truck route to make subsequent deliveries or pickups. Residential streets shall not be used unless the delivery or pick up destination is on that street or immediately adjoining streets. Commercial truck routes are as follows:

  1. Greenback Lane from the Sacramento County line to Folsom Blvd.
  2. Folsom Blvd from Greenback Lane to U.S. Highway 50.
  3. Blue Ravine Road from Folsom Blvd to East Natoma Street, then transitioning into Green Valley Road where it continues to the El Dorado County line.
  4. Iron Point Road from Folsom Blvd to El Dorado County line.
  5. East Bidwell Street from Blue Ravine Road to U.S. Highway 50.
  6. Empire Ranch Road from El Dorado County line to Iron Point Road.
  7. Oak Avenue Parkway from East Bidwell Street to Blue Ravine Road.
  8. Glenn Drive from Folsom Blvd to Riley Street.
  9. East Natoma Street from Blue Ravine Road to Folsom Prison Road.
  10. The City of Folsom also maintains a network of roads for use by commercial vehicles that comply with the Surface Transportation Accessibility Act (STAA). Such vehicles, which are in excess of the maximum legal length defined in the California Vehicle Code, may leave the State Highway System and use surface streets that are marked with the following STAA terminal access signs:

staa terminal

STAA terminal access routes in the City of Folsom are as follows:

  1. Prairie City Road from U.S. Highway 50 to Glenn Drive.
  2. Folsom Blvd from U.S. Highway 50 to Glenn Drive.
  3. East Bidwell Street from U.S. Highway 50 to Broadstone Parkway.
  4. Broadstone Parkway from East Bidwell Street to Clarksville Road.
  5. Clarksville Road from Broadstone Parkway to Bundrick Drive.
  6. Iron Point Road from East Bidwell Street to Cavitt Drive.
  7. Glenn Drive from Folsom Boulevard to Riley Street.