Emergency Information

Current Status: The City of Folsom is currently working with federal and state agencies and the Sacramento County Department of Public Health to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak. Current information can be found at www.folsom.ca.us/covid-19

In the event of a City of Folsom emergency, this page is will be activated as an information center.

In an emergency, dial 911.

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News Updates:

On Thursday, March 5, Sacramento County proclaimed a public health emergency and a local emergency in order to ensure appropriate resources and funding are available to the County in its response to COVID-19, also known as 2019 novel coronavirus. The proclamations do not signify an increased risk to the residents of Sacramento County.

The Sacramento County Health Department serves as the lead in public health emergencies in the Sacramento region. The City of Folsom is following established emergency protocols and will share important news, information, and instructions with our community.

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Disaster Preparedness

The City of Folsom is committed to keeping our community safe, especially during an emergency. For our community to be fully prepared, we need residents and business owners to be ready. In the event of a wildfire or emergency, you should plan to be self-sufficient for 72-96 hours. Therefore, the best time to prepare is before an emergency happens. 

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Evacuation Centers and Shelters

In the event an emergency requires the City of Folsom to open an evacuation center or shelter, the following locations are approved Red Cross centers or shelters:

Evacuation Center/Shelter Address Capacity Day/Night
Andy Morin Sports Complex  66 Clarksville Road, Folsom, CA 95630 1,087 / 543
Folsom High School 1655 Iron Point Road, Folsom, CA 95630
835 / 417
Vista Del Lago High School 1970 Broadstone Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630
1,380 / 690
Folsom Middle School  500 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, CA 95630
1,880 / 940
Sutter Middle School
715 Riley Street, Folsom, CA 95630
1,256 / 628
Folsom Lake College
10 College Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630
275 / 137 
Oak Hills Church
1100 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, CA 95630
700 / 350
Lakeside Church
745 Oak Avenue, Folsom, CA 95630
780 / 390
The Gathering Place Church
330 Plaza Drive, Folsom, CA 95630
440 / 220

The designated evacuation center(s) or shelter(s) will be opened depending on the location of the emergency, if applicable, and the amount of space needed.

Emergency Alerts

The City of Folsom urges its residents to register for alerts and important safety notifications in the event of an emergency. Register for text and/or email alerts to receive real-time notifications on local crimes, fire, storms, and other safety issues, such as evacuation information.  Register at folsom.ca.us/emergencyalerts.

Fire Station Locations

The City of Folsom has several fire station locations to serve the needs of our community.

Police Department Headquarters

The City of Folsom Police Department is located at 46 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The City of Folsom encourages residents to join the C.E.R.T. Help plan ahead to mitigate the consequences of an emergency and help others who may be injured. You can help assist first responders during or following a disaster by attending the CERT Training Program.

Important Phone Numbers
Animal Services 916-461-6040
Call Before You Dig 811
Folsom Fire Department Non-Emergency  916-461-6325
Folsom Police Department Non-Emergency 916-355-7231
Mercy Hospital of Folsom Emergency Services 844-244-5936
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 844-244-5936
Poison Control 800-222-1222
SMUD 888-456-7683
Wastewater Emergency (Mon-Fri: 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.) 916-461-6174
Water Emergency (Mon-Fri: 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.) 916-461-6177
Wastewater/Water Emergency (Afterhours) 916-355-7231