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    149014 - Free Guitar Lessons

    149014 - Free Guitar Lessons

    Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar? Well here's your chance! Weekly lessons are taught by local musician Bill Welty. After the 6 week session, students will learn basic music theory, chords, strumming patterns, songs, and practice techniques. Lessons are geared towards true beginners and the only requirement is that you must have your own guitar.
    For more info call (916) 355-7285.

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    Read Notice149014-01Free Guitar Lessons01/14/16- 02/18/1610:00A- 11:00A$0Item DetailsUnavailable

    149020 - Monday Social Activities

    Off Key Singers are a fun and social group and meets every Monday and Friday at 10:00am

    Social Bridge meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at noon

    Senior Citizens Club meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 11:30am

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    Read Notice149020-01Off Key Singers01/04/16- 04/25/1610:00A- 11:30A$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice149020-02Social Bridge01/04/16- 04/18/16Varies$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice149020-03Senior Citizens Club01/11/16- 04/25/16Varies$0Item DetailsUnavailable

    149030 - Tuesday Social Activities

    149030 - Tuesday Social Activities

    Join us every Tuesday for Social Pinochle. All levels welcome!

    Our Book Club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:00am and is always looking for new readers!

    Join us every Tuesday for a feature film on our big screen TV in the lounge. It's free to attend and all movie goers receive a popcorn snack!

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    Read Notice149030-01Social Pinochle01/05/16- 04/26/1610:00A- 11:30A$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice149030-02Book Discussion01/12/16- 04/12/16Varies$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice149030-03Movie Madness01/05/16- 04/26/1612:15P- 2:30P$0Item DetailsUnavailable

    149040 - Wednesday Social Activities

    Dust off those bowling shoes and join us for some Nintendo Wii Bowling! Games are played every Wednesday from 10:00am-noon on the big screen TV in the lounge!

    Are you feeling lucky? Join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month for bingo! It's free to play and winners receive small prizes.

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    Read Notice149040-01Nintendo Wii01/06/16- 04/27/1610:00A- 11:30A$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice149040-02Bingo01/06/16- 04/20/16Varies$0Item DetailsUnavailable

    149050 - Thursday Social Activities

    Games & Activities from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Join the Greeting Card Clinic on the 1st Thursday of each month at 12:30pm

    Enjoy Live Music on the 4th Thursday of each month at 12:30pm

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    Read Notice149050-01Games & Activities01/07/16- 04/28/16 9:00A- 5:00P$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice149050-02Greeting Card-Making01/07/16- 04/07/16Varies$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice149050-03Live Music01/28/16- 04/28/16Varies$0Item DetailsUnavailable

    149060 - Friday Social Activities

    The Off Key Singers are a fun and social group that meet every Monday and Friday in the lounge at 10:00am. New singers are always welcome!

    Keep your brain sharp by attending Brain Connections on the 4th Friday of each month at 12:15pm

    Mah Jongg games start at noon every Friday

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    Read Notice149060-01Off Key Singers01/08/16- 04/29/1610:00A- 11:30A$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice149060-03Brain Connections01/29/16- 04/29/16Varies$0Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice149060-04Mah Jongg01/08/16- 04/29/1612:00P- 3:00P$0Item DetailsUnavailable

    449020 - Monday Social Activities

    449020 - Monday Social Activities

    Off Key Singers is a fun and social group and meets every Monday.

    Social Bridge is for all levels and meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday each month.

    Senior Citizens Club meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 48 Natoma and you are invited to join in. The group enjoys socialization, lunch followed by bridge and bingo. The club meets on the second Monday of each month for a potluck, and the fourth Monday is a bring your sack lunch meeting. Occasional trips and guest speakers are also planned. Dues are $5 yearly and 50 cents per meeting. Meetings are held starting at 11:30 a.m. in activity rooms A and B at 48 Natoma.

    Meeting schedule:
    Sept. 14 & 28, Oct. 12 & 26, Nov. 09
    & 23, and Dec. 14 & 28.

    For more information call 983-6903 or 983-4841

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    Add to Cart449020-01Off Key Singers09/07/15- 12/28/1510:00A- 11:30A$0Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart449020-02Social Bridge09/07/15- 12/28/15Varies$0Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart449020-03Senior Citizens Club09/07/15- 12/28/15Varies$0Item DetailsAvailable

    449030 - Tuesday Social Activities

    449030 - Tuesday Social Activities

    Social Pinochle and Movie Madness occur every Tuesday.
    Book Discussion is held the second Tuesday of each month.

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    Add to Cart449030-01Social Pinochle09/01/15- 12/29/1510:00A- 11:30A$0Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart449030-02Book Discussion09/08/15- 12/08/15Varies$0Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart449030-03Movie Madness09/01/15- 12/29/15Varies$0Item DetailsAvailable

    449040 - Wednesday Social Activities

    449040 - Wednesday Social Activities

    Nintendo Wii occurs every Wednesday.

    Bingo is held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month.

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    Add to Cart449040-01Nintendo Wii09/02/15- 12/16/1510:00A- 11:30A$0Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart449040-02Bingo09/02/15- 12/16/15Varies$0Item DetailsAvailable

    449050 - Thursday Social Activities

    449050 - Thursday Social Activities

    Thursday is Lounge Day with Games & Actvities from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    The Greeting Card Clinic is held the 1st Thursday of every month.

    On the 4th Thursday of every month there is a live performance by the local band "Scotch, Tape and Baling Wire!" This group specializes in folk, country and some soft rock. Shows are FREE and you don't need to reserve a seat.

    No live band performances on November 26th or December 24th.

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    Add to Cart449050-01Games & Activities09/03/15- 12/17/15 9:00A- 5:00P$0Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart449050-02Greeting Card Clinic09/03/15- 12/17/15Varies$0Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart449050-03Live Band Performance09/24/15- 12/17/15Varies$0Item DetailsAvailable

    449060 - Friday Social Activities

    449060 - Friday Social Activities

    The Off Key Singers are a fun and social group that meet every Monday and Friday.

    Brain Connections meets on the 4th Friday of every month. No class on November 27th or December 25th.

    Mah Jongg meets every Friday.
    There is no Mah Jongg on November 27th or December 25th.

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    Add to Cart449060-01Off Key Singers09/04/15- 12/18/1510:00A- 11:30A$0Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart449060-03Brain Connections09/25/15- 12/18/15Varies$0Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart449060-04Mah Jongg09/04/15- 12/18/1512:00P- 3:00P$0Item DetailsAvailable
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