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    142101 - Hip Hop

    142101 - Hip Hop

    with Come Dance with Me Performing Arts Workshop
    Talented and dedicated teachers will help you pop, lock and drop like a true urban dancer. Come and have some fun and don't forget itís a great workout too! Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
    Ages 6-12

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    Add to Cart142101-01Hip Hop01/05/16- 02/09/16 6:30P- 7:15P$65/$72Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart142101-02Hip Hop02/16/16- 03/22/16 6:30P- 7:15P$65/$72Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart142101-03Hip Hop03/29/16- 05/03/16 6:30P- 7:15P$65/$72Item DetailsAvailable

    142555 - Polynesian Dance Beginner Youth "Orchid Class"

    Focus on building our Hula and Tahitian skills. All styles of Polynesian dance are incorporated. Students will learn dances and have opportunities to perform if desired.
    Ages 3.5-7

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    Read Notice142555-01Polynesian Dance Beginner Youth "Orchid Class"01/07/16- 01/28/16 4:30P- 5:15P$42/$49Item DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart142555-02Polynesian Dance Beg02/04/16- 02/25/16 4:30P- 5:15P$55/$62Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart142555-03Polynesian Dance Beg03/03/16- 03/10/16 4:30P- 5:15P$28/$35Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart142555-04Polynesian Dance Beginner Youth "Orchid Class"04/07/16- 04/28/16 4:30P- 5:15P$55/$62Item DetailsAvailable

    142556 - Polynesian Dance Advance Youth "Pikake Class"

    142556 - Polynesian Dance Advance Youth

    with Natasha Forsberg
    Focus on building our Hula and Tahitian skills. All styles of Polynesian dance are incorporated. Students will learn dances and have opportunities to perform if desired. More info at:
    Ages 5+
    Note: there is a one time material/performance fee of $25 per dancer (payment to ďAloha DancersĒ) due at first class.

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    Read Notice142556-01Polynesian Dance Advanced Youth "Tiara Class"01/07/16- 01/28/16 3:45P- 4:30P$42/$49Item DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart142556-02Polynesian Dance Advanced Youth "Tiara Class"02/04/16- 02/25/16 3:45P- 4:30P$55/$62Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart142556-03Polynesian Dance Advanced Youth "Tiara Class"03/03/16- 03/10/16 3:45P- 4:30P$28/$35Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart142556-04Polynesian Dance Advanced Youth "Tiara Class"04/07/16- 04/28/16 3:45P- 4:30P$55/$62Item DetailsAvailable

    150852 - MIghty Movers

    150852 - MIghty Movers

    with Leighton Dance Project
    In this boys only dance class they will learn to move and groove to some funky fresh tunes. Dances develop musicality, creativity, listening skills and coordination.
    Ages 3-5

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    Add to Cart150852-03Mighty Movers03/05/16- 03/26/16 9:30A- 10:30A$60/$67Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart150852-04Mighty Movers04/02/16- 04/23/16 9:30A- 10:30A$60/$67Item DetailsAvailable

    150853 - Baby Ballerinas

    150853 - Baby Ballerinas

    with Leighton Dance Project
    Watch your dancer transform into a princess ballerina. This whimsical class will provide a fun and imaginative place for the young mind to gain confidence and creativity. Through the use of props
    and playful music, dancers will explore movement while also developing motor and listening skills.
    Ages 6 months-2years, with parent participation.

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    Add to Cart150853-03Baby Ballerinas03/01/16- 03/22/1611:00A- 11:30A$45/$52Item DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice150853-04Baby Ballerinas04/05/16- 04/26/1611:00A- 11:30A$45/$52Item DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice150853-05Baby Ballerinas II01/07/16- 01/28/1611:00A- 11:30A$45/$52Item DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart150853-06Baby Ballerinas II02/04/16- 02/25/1611:00A- 11:30A$45/$52Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart150853-07Baby Ballerinas II03/03/16- 03/24/1611:00A- 11:30A$45/$52Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart150853-08Baby Ballerinas II04/07/16- 04/28/1611:00A- 11:30A$45/$52Item DetailsAvailable
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